Composter Mixer

Composter Mixer

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  • Compost Aerator (Composter Mixer) BUY NOW

    Compost Aerator

    Help your compost pile become nutrient rich soil with this this aerating tool. The Compost Aerator features rubber handles for a sure grip, and a collapsing blade that folds down when plunged into the pile, then unfolds as the tool is lifted, bringing material up. This item helps mix in additions, distribute moisture and increase airflow to accelerate the breakdown process.

  • Color: Steel
  • Brand: Achla
  • ASIN: B0010XHJP0
  • UPC: 719908309459
  • Spin Bin Composter 60 gal. Large Capacity Black Barrel Style Tumbler Compost Bin (Composter Mixer) BUY NOW

    Spin Bin Composter 60 gal. Large Capacity Black Barrel Style Tumbler Compost

    Bigger, Better and Molded in the USA! Member Approved by the National Home Gardening Club with an 89% Approval Rating! The Spin Bin is different. Molded in the USA from tough recycled plastic, the Spin Bin premium tumbler holds 60 gallons (9.3 cubic feet), much more than most other bins. Better yet, it turns kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost with FAR LESS time and effort. Your Spin Bin Tumbler Offers: *20 ventilation slots - more than other bins have - for greater airflow and faster decomposition *Dual-mixing center bar for better mixing and aeration *Wider openings at both ends, so you can easily add scraps and waste, no matter which end is up *1 sure-grip lids for each end, so you can protect decomposing matter from rodents and other pests *Rugged ribbed interior for added strength and better mixing *Dark exterior color to absorb solar heat and speed up composting *4 outer ports (1 per panel) for your compost thermometer - so you can easily gauge internal temps without reaching in and dirtying your *Strong, powder-coated steel legs for safety and stability It All Adds Up to Faster, Easier Composting Best of all, the results are wonderful: rich, amended soil yielding healthy, vigorous plants! All This Plus 2-Year Manufacturer's Guarantee If you have proble...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Spin Bin
  • UPC: 608819442419
  • Spinning Composter (Mixer Composter) BUY NOW

    Spinning Composter

    If having an open compost bin is too unwieldy, smelly, and attractive to unwelcome guests, this closed Spinning Composter may be the ideal solution to get you back in the composting business. With a 7 cubic feet capacity, this composter is made from recycled plastic and features an easy access sliding door that also makes it rodent proof. Mixing fins inside the barrel break up clumps. Turn kitchen and yard waste into fertilizer!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Achla
  • ASIN: B000ZN7T7E
  • UPC: 956260661942
  • Exaco ECO Spyro Compost Mixing Tool (Mixer Composter) BUY NOW

    Exaco ECO Spyro Compost Mixing

    Turning your compost material allows oxygen to speed up the process and this compost mixing tool is the perfect way to keep your compost bin well aerated. With solid steel wings at the bottom and a T-handle grip for easy handling, it takes just minutes to mix your compost. The bottom wings are hinged so when you insert the tool into the compost material, they fold up against the tool, making it easy to reach the bottom of the pile. When you pull the tool up, the wings spread apart, moving and aerating the compost pile. Heavy duty painted steel construction for a long lasting useful garden tool. Built in top hook for easy hanging storage on garage or shed wall.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Exaco Trading Company
  • ASIN: B00385WV1A
  • UPC: 681441413545
  • Amethyst Jewel tomato. 40+ fresh seeds for 2018 (Composter Mixer) BUY NOW

    Amethyst Jewel tomato. 40+ fresh seeds for

    This Cal engineered tomato has not been on the market for very long, Perhaps 3-4 years. It produces 3-7 ounce vibrant pink/red with purplish blue streaked shoulders. A large cherry tomato weighs an ounce at best for reference. It varies quite a bit in size, everything from a golf ball to bigger than a baseball. Several were over 3" wide. Excellent sweet flavor with stunning skin designs. Notes: What I noticed is the fruit at the bottom of the plants are mostly a rosey pink, I contribute this to less sun. I think they would be better off non caged, mounded and mulch/clippings below and just let them wander freely which means doubling the spacing but opening up more sun on the fruits. I am a seed starter in late February through mid April. I am a farmer/planter from late May-July. I am the water boy when it gets dry and a trench digger when it gets too wet. I am the composter, and the staker when wind flattens. I am the dirt mixer, grow pot filler and mover of those for isolation purposes. I am picker, seeder, and a NO heat drier of those seeds for 3 weeks plus and then a packager. Right now I am a copy writer to become a seller. People really don't ask many questions this time of year because they are not buying seeds and thinking of Christmas, I understand that. But, I will get 2...

  • Brand: 1wingedzulu

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